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Two knitting editors with lots of advice!

Kristina McGrath and Sarah Walworth are yarn pattern technical editors, consultants, and coaches in the fiber industry. Between them, they have edited over 1000 knitting patterns. Since 2020, they have hosted Tech Tip Talk, a monthly broadcast about pattern writing and knitting design. They also wrote a must-have book for knitwear designers called The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook. Kristina and Sarah are committed to improving access to industry knowledge and helping designers create patterns that fit every size body well.

After publishing a few episodes of Tech Tip Talk on their YouTube Channel, Kristina and Sarah realized that if they were knitwear designers, they would want all the information they shared with their followers in a written format they could refer to repeatedly. So, they wrote The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook.

You can read an excerpt and buy the book here.

Kristina and Sarah have established a private network to enhance the design process experience for designers, inspire tech editors, and strengthen the community. Their patrons are incredible! Supporting them as a patron enables Kristina and Sarah to generate more content for knitwear and crochet designers, invite additional guests to their YouTube channel, answer more queries, and share their extensive knowledge about knitwear design. Moreover, as patrons, designers receive direct access to Kristina and Sarah via a Discord server during their Happy Hour meetups. They truly enjoy interacting with their supporters. I'm a proud Patreon of Tech Tip Talk. Membership starts at $5.00/month.

You can sign up for the Tech Tip Talk newsletter here to get the latest from Kristina and Sarah.

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