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It’s Good to Be Queen is a textured, asymmetrical knitted shawl that combines p3tog and yarn-overs on the wrong side of the fabric, creating diagonal knots on the right side of the shawl. The Diagonal Knot stitch is a great respite from plain stockinette stitch as all the “action” occurs on the purl side (wrong side) with resting rows of plain knitting on the public side (right side) of the shawl. It’s Good to Be Queen is knit sideways, so the shawl hangs on a bias. There’s a frilly ruffle stitch at the border. The result is an engaging knit with cosy results. This pattern is perfect for adventurous beginner knitters but interesting enough for advanced knitters.


The beautiful, bold colors inspired the shawl’s name in Five Borough Yarns' stunning “Queen Mother” colorway for their ‘Our Wakanda Forever’ yarn series. The color was inspired by the amazing Angela Bassett’s performance of Queen Mother in both Black Panther films.


It’s Good to be Queen has been thoroughly tech-edited and test-knit.


Materials Needed - 2 stitch markers and tapestry needle.

It's Good to be Queen Shawl

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