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The colorful slipped-stitch motif featured in the ManHATtan Magic hat reminded my husband of how pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles have to maneuver the streets and avenues of Manhattan. This casual hat is knit in the round from the brim up, using the mosaic colorwork technique. This simple technique means you only use one color every two rounds. There is no need to carry two yarns at once as in other colorwork knitting techniques. When slipping stitches in mosaic knitting, the yarn is always held at the back of your work. Knit in a DK weight yarn, ManHATtan Magic is a quick knit project that looks more complicated than it is. If you can knit in the round and slip stitches purlwise, you will have no problem making ManHATtan Magic. The hat comes in 2 sizes, Adult Small and Adult Large. Written and charted instructions are provided to create the mosaic pattern. Tutorial links are also provided for making the optional pom-pom with or without a pom-pom maker.


ManHATtan Magic has been thoroughly tech edited and test knit.



ManHATtan Magic Hat

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