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Mood boards

Creating a mood board allows me to collect my thoughts, ideas, and color schemes in one place. I’ll add visual concepts to my boards whenever something inspires me. As I'm doing this, I’ll slowly notice themes, colors, or design aesthetics that I love. I group my favorites together and start removing visual images and graphics that don't mesh with the developing theme. Above is the mood board that inspired me to design my ManHATtan Magic Hat pattern.

Mood boards have been invaluable in helping me to communicate my vision of a design idea when submitting proposals to third-party publications, yarn companies, and local yarn stores. I base my boards on particular themes that a third-party publication requires or ideas based on yarn colors that a yarn company or local yarn store would like me to use to design sample knits.

To create my boards I use Milanote, but you could also use Pinterest, Canva, and Evernote.

Have you used Mood boards before? What have you created?

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